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About Me

I am a web developer and digital marketer living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I spent my formative years around the ocean and as a result, I am a bit of an island boy at heart. I grew up playing in the woods and beaches of the San Juan Islands. After graduating from high school on Orcas Island I decided that it might be time for a change of scenery. As a result, I found myself studying in Oahu. I finished my undergrad there and earned a B.S. in nutrition.

In my professional career I have had the opportunity to wear many different hats, from managing a medical laboratory, running my own personal training studio to owning the online marketing of a growing fertility clinic. Throughout it all, I try to approach the problem at hand with an open mind and attention to detail. I value critical-thinking and continuous self-education in both my professional and private lives.

I like to build websites using JavaScript (React & Node). My passion is creating excellent user experiences that load quickly and follow SEO best practices. My craft is driven by the belief that all great work is created through a unswerving attention to the small details. Sometimes I use WordPress.

My hobbies include just about anything ocean related, reading (see what I am currently reading), code, cooking, kickball, hiking, and occasionally drinking a good IPA.

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